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This board is for breeders of standard and mini Rat Terriers.

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**Please be aware that any and all breeders of Standard and Mini Rat Terriers are welcome to list their sites on this board. It is an advertising tool, and the rankings are based on the amount of traffic each site brings to the board NOT the quality of the breeder or their dogs. We do not endorse or recommend any one breeder, nor do we discriminate against any one breeder. Please do your own research on any and all breeders before deciding to buy a dog to ensure that you are getting a QUALITY dog from a REPUTABLE breeder!**

We will not be accepting any breeders who breed the Merle pattern as the Merle pattern is seen only in Toy/Tot Rat Terriers and not seen in any purebred Standard/Miniature Rat Terrier. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
We will also not be accepting sites that cross breed Type A (Rat Terrier) & Type B (Teddy Roosevelt Terrier) as these have been separated and recognized as two separate breeds by the respectable kennel clubs. We will also not accept listings who cross breed Toy Rat Terriers with Rat Terriers.

We reserve the right to deny any submitted listing for any reason.
Including, but not limited to, if we feel the submitted site would be best suited for another existing Top 100 list.

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Top 100 Rat Terrier Breeders in the US

Rank Site In Out
10Kitty Farm - Colorado
9816 20628
Welcome to 10Kitty Farm!
We are located in beautiful southern Colorado. We breed healthy happy type A UKC/AKC miniature Rat Terriers. OFA PLL/DNA tested. You are welcome to tour our website.
Ratitatt Rat Terriers - Ohio
4818 10093
Show/breed quality AKC/UKC Rat Terriers. Multiple MACH offspring AKC Top 25 Agility list, multiple offspring are UKC Top Ten conformation dogs, Best in Show, Grand Champs, Obedience, Flyball, Total Dog, family pets raised in home with children.
British Royal Terriers - Rhode Island
2200 3977
In our loving home, we raise pups that are 100% human acclimated. They leave here ready to love and ready to be loved. UKC/AKC, PLL Certified.
Southern Sands Rat Terriers - Georgia
1972 10873
~*~Spring '17 Puppies~*~ Maintaining excellence in the remarkable Rat Terrier! CH dogs, CH lines. Standard size variety. OFA/CHIC/PLL/DNA certified. Family owned & raised in home with loving socialization...our pride & passion! References upon request.
River Ridge Rat Terriers - Pennsylvania
1707 10522
Bred to maintain hunting drive,biddability & intelligence. OFA/CHIC/PLL/DNA tested. Born and raised in our home. #1 in the Ring/Nation since 2008! Our dogs move into AKC, when the breed goes licensed.